Aviation sector has always been a source of innovation, which also become an inspiration for the development of automotive and space industries. Development of these technologies has a major impact on competitiveness of economy and can be an important element of modern Poland.

Therefore, organizers of the III Festival of Innovation and Technology decided that discussion on the diffusion and impact of aviation innovations on other technologies may constitute a separate event of the Festival.

Silesian Center for Science and Technology of Aviation Industry Ltd. which is one of the most modern centers for the production and testing of composite materials with application in the aerospace and automotive industries was invited to organize the Aerospace Forum. Aim of the Center established in 2012 was for innovative solutions applied in aviation to also be used in other areas of the economy.

In pursuing this objective, the Silesian Center for Science and Technology of the Aviation Industry is currently conducting a Specialist Observatory in the field of aviation technologies and related technologies, objective of which is to monitor the latest trends in aviation with particular emphasis on modern material solutions.

Representatives of the world of science and business will take part in the Aerospace Forum. Their daily cooperation is indispensable for innovative solutions to find application in industry in a real way.

Organizers hope that Aerospace Forum will cover topics related to the specificity of the company’s operation in the most innovative areas of the economy, the importance of cooperation with other entities in the industry, as well as prospects of supporting the sector on the part of state and local government authorities.

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