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we would like to invite you to

Science and Technology Picnic PIK TECH


The event will honor celebration of the tenth anniversary of the “New Gliwice” Business and Education Center, which owes its “life” to the “Gliwice” Coal Mine. The fact that coal was once mined here, miners were preparing for work, and foremen handed out work is confirmed by the presence of restored buildings – waiting room and engine room as well as wagon with the last ton of coal. Today, it’s primarily a cradle of companies dealing with new technologies and we would like to invite you to this world!!!


will allow all interested parties to come into contact with the world of science and world of new technologies,
and picnic attractions will fascinate with scientific experiences.


Through presentation of interesting experiences and experiments, the event aims to help the youngest in understanding complex scientific and technological theories. Picnic attractions will include scientific demonstrations with the participation of the Silesian University of Technology, City Library and high technology companies as well as sports activities and good entertainment.

It will be scientific, musically and entertaining. We would like to invite everyone to play together. Free entrance, access to attractions free of charge!

Attractions during the picnic:

Laboratory under the cloud

Experiments, laboratory experiments, workshops, which the youngest participants and whole families will be able to carry out together with scientists and students of the Silesian University of Technology.

In the program: presentation of a method and application of eye movement analysis, “House full of air” painting workshops, geometry with sewn cord, electric car, interactive play for children with the use of geodetic equipment, molecular gastronomy, brain-mania, unmanned aircraft, software and simulators.

Event partners: Silesian University of Technology.

Tent of imagination

As Albert Einstein used to say “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. Based on this sentence we would like to take small explorers into the world of magical technologies. Interactive classes with animators will be an opportunity for unforgettable fun combined with acquiring valuable knowledge.

In the program: The program includes, among others, demonstrations of drones, robots, construction workshops, presentation of a modern facial recognition system and modern urban monitoring, and many more. Small artists will be able to “paint” something, on 3D colorings, and later “revive” their works using a special application.

Event partners:

City Library, Silesian Metropolitan Area Network, VALMET, Snap Outdoor – 8A, EMT-Systems.

Engine room of imagination

Picnic Organizers would like to invite participants to the renovated engine room of the former “Gliwice” Coal Mine in order to visit the Artistic Casting Department of the Museum in Gliwice. Extremely rich collections of artistic casts created in the Royal Iron Foundry, an interactive, multimedia exhibition, which is a kind of expedition to another world, another time and space: old industrial plants, former Gliwice and Silesia, old lifestyle. In addition, everyone will be able to paint gypsum replicas of cast-iron medallions with images of queens, princesses and artists known in the nineteenth century throughout the day.

Event partners:

Artistic Casting Department of the Museum in Gliwice.

Stop in technology zones

Organizers and high technology companies that conquer international markets with a command post at the “New Gliwice” territory would like to invite you to a fascinating journey into the world of high technologies.

The program includes visiting the server room, drone flight simulator, drone flight demonstrations, as well as attractions for the youngest – folding paper airplanes, inflatables, slides. Curious ones will be able to find answers to questions about drones, their construction, and smart ones will try heir hand at a health quiz.

Event partners:

Silesian Metropolitan Network, Flytronic, Kamsoft.

A town of binge and frolic

Under the watchful eye of animators, the youngest participants will be able to participate in inclusive, common outdoor frolics. They will need to think and sometimes get tired. We will stimulate senses, make them laugh and make small sorcery spells. A bit of madness has not hurt anyone yet!

The program includes circus town, stilt walkers show, meeting with a caricaturist, illusion show, photo booth and pony rides. You will be able to try your hand at balancing on a rope, juggling, climbing wall, riding a unicycle and a bicycle. But that is not everything! We would also like invite volunteers to race in remote controlled cars printed in 3D technology, and to make jewelry from elements printed in 3D technology. All interested parties will be able to meet the climber Janusz Gołąb.

Event partners:

EMT-Systems, i-System, Snap Outdoor – 8A, VALMET.

Catering area

All visitors will enjoy original and tasty dishes served by foodtruck masterchefs, drink beer and relax in the chill out zone.

“New Gliwice – New Sounds!”


Time spent together will be complemented by concerts of musical bands from the Śląskie Voivodeship, selected through the competition “New Gliwice – New Sounds!”. They will perform on the big stage as support of the evening star –LAO CHE.


We provide a good atmosphere and pleasant time!


Organizers reserve the right to change event programme.